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Maddox employee repairing a padmount transformer
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Our team of expert technicians is outfitted with state-of-the-art testing and fabrication equipment to keep your transformer in top working condition.

Maddox transformer technician performing tests on padmount transformer

We offer a full range of inspections, tests, and maintenance services:

  • Complete coil repair and replacement
  • Complete oil sampling and analysis
  • Regasketing of all sealed surfaces on transformer
  • Replacing of all components associated with standard electrical transformers (dry-type and oil-filled)
  • Weld repair on the majority of metal tank deformities
  • Repainting
  • Oil processing
  • And much more

In-shop Repair

Maddox repair centers can handle all your industrial transformer repairs - everything from padmounts, and medium voltage dry-types, to substations weighing 40 tons.

Two Maddox transformer technicians welding on a padmount transformer

Repair shop resources

  • Full ANSI C.57 electrical test lab
  • 10x10 core & coil drying oven
  • Vacuum processing oil dehydrators, 1600 GPH
  • 40 ton bridge crane capacity
  • Full fabrication shop
  • 14x14 paint booth w/ crane access
  • 31,000 Lb. forklifts
  • 7.5 acres of outdoor storage, 36,000 indoor storage
  • Fully stocked components warehouses
  • 30,000 gallons of transformer fluid in stock

Field Service

The Maddox field service team is ready to travel out to your project and perform minor repairs and replacements on your transformer as well as any fluid top offs or transformer testing.

A maddox padmount transformer that has had field service repairs done to it

Field service repairs

  • Bushing replacement
  • Bushing gasket replacement
  • Tap changer replacement
  • Tap changer gasket replacement
  • Load break switch replacement
  • Load break switch gasket replacement
  • Bayonet fuse holder replacement
  • Bayonet fuse holder gasket replacement
  • Fluid replacement
  • Fluid top off
  • Dissolved gas analysis (DGA) sampling
  • In-field testing & repair evaluation

The Maddox Advantage


From the start, Maddox was built with an exclusive focus on transformers and transformer-related equipment. We do one thing, and we do it well.

Customer Service

Every job is different. We start by understanding your specific needs, expectations, and specifications and build custom solutions to suite, which makes us easy to do business with.


Nobody repairs like Maddox. Every Maddox repair job is backed by our 3-year warranty.

I have purchased many pieces of equipment from Maddox ranging from 1000 kVA transformers to 10,000 kVA transformers as well as fused and nonfused load interrupter switches. I am happy with the cost and the lead time which has been perfect for the fast paced schedules with tight budgets we have been facing. Maddox has helped me meet budget and schedule. The equipment meets our rigid specifications. The customer service has been on the spot when questions arise. Maddox has been competitively bid with other gear manufacturers and even when cost is similar their lead time has been the deciding factor for my purchase orders.

Corey Zachel

Five Stars

We worked with Maddox most recently to repair a transformer at our site. Cameron and the repair team were very communicative, professional, and understanding of our needs to get back online as quick as possible. We are very impressed with the level of service we received and look forward to working together in the future.

Kate Bennett

Five Stars

Worked excellent, tech support was incredible with helping me figure out what I needed as well

Heath Plemons

Five Stars

We've bought numerous transformers from Maddox. Excellent service both before and after the sale. The rebuilt units are coming out looking like brand-new transformers. No surprise up-charges, no problems in shipping. Highly recommend!

Scott Hotsinpiller

Five Stars

We ordered a unit from Maddox that had a very small leak on a weld on the top of cabinet. These things are going to happen I understand that. The unit was time sensitive to one of our customers. The Maddox Team went above and beyond to make sure they fixed the problem, got it delivered back in time! Now key factors in this was communication and they were honest and upfront keeping their word. That goes a long way in this industry. Thanks again for great customer service !!

John Wixson

Five Stars

Very responsive to inquiry, prompt shipping, protective packaging, on time delivery. Will be back!

Ralph Bloom

Five Stars

Wonderful service. Very responsive, offered all the guidance, and really stayed on top of it (I mean, really did so - send at least 10 emails on confirmation, status of the order, invoice, delivery, instructions on how to receive etc). Shipping was lightning fast (to Dallas, Texas) and without a single issue (this is not the first time I ordered commercial equipment, and every time it's a hassle). I couldn't find the unit for the same price anywhere. Overall, fantastic. I wish all companies cared as much about the product they sell

Alex Ivanov

Five Stars

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Two Maddox transformer technicians welding on a padmount transformer