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Transformers Delivered in 48 Hours

When the padmounts powering a daycare, k-12 school, and pharmacy got damaged in a winter storm, Maddox got them back online within 48 hours.

April 18, 2024

Maddox padmount transformer installed at a customers site.

“It was the most stressful time of my entire life,” said Mike O’Neill, principal at Prime Rock, a real estate development company based outside Philadelphia. One Sunday night in December, a storm blew out the power to all their tenants' buildings. This included an adult daycare, a K-12 school, and a pharmacy. 

All of a sudden, these locations did not have light or heat for some of the coldest days of the year. Teachers needed a place to hold classes and some of the pharmaceuticals needed to be kept at room temperature. Mike didn’t find out until 6:00 AM the next morning. With students and adults showing up to a facility without power, he had a serious problem on his hands.

“You felt the weight of these tenants,” says Mike. “They put their faith in you as a real estate developer.” 

Mike needed a new transformer, and he needed it fast. “I counted my calls that day. Probably 20 of them were transformer companies, trying to figure out what they had in stock.” But with lead times for transformers taking months or even a year, there was no easy way for Mike to get the transformers he needed. 

Prime Rock Principle poses next to his new Maddox Padmount

Until he spoke to one of Maddox’s sales representatives. “He was able to tell me in about five minutes that they had the right transformers in stock and that they would be able to deliver them,” says Mike. “And their quote was 25% of all the other quotes we had gotten for the transformers.” 

Maddox had both these transformers in-stock and at a lower price point since they were reconditioned transformers. They had purchased them several months earlier, and sent them through their thorough reconditioning process to get them to work and look like new.

Learn how to beat supply chain delays with reconditioned transformers. 

Maddox transformers delivered to customer site

Even with a 14-hour drive from South Carolina to Philadelphia, Maddox delivered two 500 kVA 13200 GY 7620 - 208 Y 120 padmounts the next day. Maddox also purchased Prime Rock’s old transformers. It was 15 degrees outside and blowing wind the morning of installation. But Prime Rock received power back within 48 hours of buying their transformer. 

“I would strongly recommend Maddox,” says Mike. “I know that there are a lot of developers out there that I talk to, and transformers always have a long lead time. Being able to get them in two days is unheard of.”

Maddox transformers in Battle Ground Washington yard

If you need a transformer and you want to skip out on long lead times, contact Maddox today. With hundreds of units in stock, we are your one-stop shop for all your transformer needs. Fill out the form below to talk to a representative today.

Maddox padmount transformer loaded on truck

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