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The Life of an Order: What happens after you buy a transformer?

Maddox makes it easy to purchase the right electrical transformer. See how orders of new, rebuilt, and reconditioned units are processed from start to finish.

May 25, 2022

Padmount transformer loaded and ready to be shipped out

After you order a transformer from Maddox, the wheels immediately start turning so you get the right product, right on time. Here’s a closer look at what happens behind the scenes as we prep your unit for delivery.

Maddox employee reviews a customer order minutes after the order is placed
Josh reviews a customer’s purchase order a few minutes after the order is made.

Step 1: Order received

When you buy one of our padmounts, substations, medium voltage, or low voltage dry-type transformers, the sales rep uploads the necessary information into our CRM. This tells us about your order specifications, shipping address and instructions, site contacts, and anything else that’s needed for a smooth and on-time delivery.

Maddox order manager reviews a project's order details
Order manager Brittany reviews a project’s order details.

Step 2: Order management

The project moves from sales to our dedicated customer service team, one of the fastest-growing teams at Maddox. Your order is assigned to an order manager, who closely reviews the job details, double-checks your purchase order to ensure everything is correct, and clears up any final discrepancies, such as tax exemptions or scheduling issues.

Maddox order manager calls a new customer to confirm their order
Order manager Ron calls a new Maddox customer to confirm their order and walk them through the rest of the process.

Step 3: Confirmation

Next, the order manager will get in touch with you. If you’re a new customer, they’ll give you a quick call to introduce themselves and tell you what you can expect through the rest of the process. If you’re an existing customer, they’ll email you an order confirmation, providing key sale details like price, unit specs, and estimated delivery date.

Two Maddox shop workers examine an order to determine the unit specs and necessary parts
Cameron and Mark examine an order to determine the unit specs and necessary parts.

Step 4: Pre-production

Once we’ve confirmed everything with you, the order manager loads the project into our order management system. This allows us to track the financial aspects of the order, as well as what parts and components will be used to build the transformer. Then the order manager sends the project to our production team so they can start to build and customize your unit.

A customer's transformer being custom built in Maddox's shop in Battle Ground, WA
A customer’s transformer is custom built in our shop in Battleground, WA by Jeremiah.

Step 5: Production

Before the order hits the floor, it’s reviewed by our production coordinator who assigns the project a place in our scheduling matrix, determines which parts will be needed from our inventory, and calculates how many man-hours the project will require.

Next, the physical work begins. While the transformer is going through its various stages of manufacture (fabrication, paint, testing, quality control, and more), your order manager will stay in touch with you about the status of the project and confirm any final details. This usually includes verifying the delivery contact, ensuring that the site has a crane or forklift to unload the equipment, and unearthing any special requirements, such as background checks for truck drivers or certain PPE (hard hats, steel-toed boots, and other key items needed on the construction site).

Maddox worker supervising the loading of a transformer before it's shipped to a customer
Dale, at our Simpsonville shop, supervises the loading of a transformer before it’s shipped to the customer.

Step 6: Shipping

When your transformer is ready to ship, a logistics coordinator takes over to find a truck. We typically use flatbeds for padmounts, substations, and medium voltage dry-types and LTL box trucks for low voltage dry-types. When the third-party freight carrier has been locked in, the logistics coordinator will contact you to provide the estimated delivery date.

Maddox customer service representative informs a customer that their order is on the way
Customer service rep, George, informs a customer that their unit is on its way.

Step 7: Final confirmation and details

After your transformer leaves the Maddox facility, a customer service rep will contact you to wrap things up. You’ll receive the final invoice, required warranty information, and instruction manuals for the equipment you just purchased.

At Maddox, we aim to provide excellent service, and our order management system helps us make sure you get the right transformer and have a great buying experience. If you have any questions or would like more information, feel free to reach out.

Maddox padmount transformer loaded on truck

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