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Maddox brand and website update

Maddox has a new look! We've updated our brand and website. Our new website makes it easy to find the transformer you need and has tons of educational content.

August 15, 2022

New Maddox logo

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new website and a brand refresh!

A new website to meet all of your transformer needs

Let’s start with the website. It was just time. We’ve had the same site since things started back in 2015, which is like the dark ages if we are talking about internet time. To fix this, we upped the investment in web and marketing to improve the digital experience for our customers. Here are the three big things we were after with the new website:

1. Make it easier for customers to find their transformer

The new home page is all about quickly locating the appropriate equipment. The redesign incorporates features to help you (a) know what transformers we keep in stock and (b) find the one you need in one click. And once you find the right transformer, we’ve made the product pages more engaging, providing the key details you need to know about each transformer so you can be sure you are getting the right equipment.

Screenshot of Maddox Transformer homepage showing drop down list of product pages

And because Maddox is a full-service transformer supplier, we’ve made the site oriented to selling, renting, and repairing transformers in addition to buying them.

2. Improve the buying experience

We know that buying industrial equipment can be a drag, so we set out to make a site that helps clients get their order started with ease.

For low voltage transformers we improved site integration with our webstore. Now you can see what low voltage equipment we have in stock and buy it right from the website. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, here you go.

For medium voltage units like padmounts, substations, and dry-types, we help get your quote started right on the website.

Screenshot of form to build custom quote on Maddox Transformer website

We really pride ourselves on the customer experience, so try out the site and let us know what you think!

3. Help clients learn more

We know that buying transformers can be somewhat intimidating, so we also want to use the site to help you learn more about the products we sell. To that end, we are developing more resources – like the blog and videos to help educate clients on all aspects of transformers and the industry in general.

To access this information, just click the Resources tab in the main navigation and see the Articles link. Here we will be featuring a wide array of content – everything from industry news to how-tos to case studies, events, and promotions. If you'd like to stay in the loop, subscribe to our newsletter or subscribe to our LinkedIn or YouTube channels.

A simpler, brighter logo

New Maddox Industrial Transformer logo with explanatory text. Orange on white grid background.

In this case, we liked what we had, so we just tightened things up, improved our typeface, and embraced a strong, American industrial look. We went for a more serious, masculine, and simple logo that was also bright and approachable. And we really love the results. Many thanks to JT Grauke for the help.

Before and after comparison of old and new Maddox Industrial Transformer logos
Orange and white Maddox logo on black background
Black Maddox logo on orange background and orange and black Maddox logo on white background

And we’ve made some fantastic swag. Next time you make an order or see us at a conference we will be sure to get you some nice Maddox gear.

Three Maddox t-shirt designs. Olive green with spec sheet, black with Maddox logo, orange with winding

For questions or comments, feel free to reach out.

Maddox padmount transformer loaded on truck

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